Adjustable Weighted Vest For Women

Just like the boots that Nancy Sinatra sang about, this vest was made for walking! If you’re like me and constantly looking for ways to burn more calories in less time, a weighted vest is the perfect vest for you.

You can use it to increase the intensity of activities like hiking, walking and jogging. Or even when you’re just moving around the house.

If you want to challenge yourself and get faster results, then an adjustable weighted vest is exactly what you need.

The Vest Materials

You’ll find that most vests are well constructed, of nice material, not bulky at all and some are even adjustable. For adjustable vests, the weights are easy to remove so you can go from having little to no weight at all. Especially if you’re just starting out. You can gradually add more weight to increase the intensity of your activity with no effort at all!

Most straps are made from soft, stretchy neoprene or a wipeable fabric. They have added cushion for comfort, and can be adjusted to securely fit just about any size. The vest itself is typically made from a lycra or spandex material or in some cases, a wipeable fabric. Additionally, it can be easily removed after a workout so you can continue on with your day.

Best Vest in the West

The weighted vest I love and continue to use is the Prodigen Weighted Vest for Women and Men for running and training workouts.


  • Made from premium chloroprene rubber and soft, stretchy neoprene material
  • Unique, adjustable straps prevent slipping and sliding during exercise
  • Evenly distributed weight and resistance for maximum comfort
  • Thickened & widened shoulder greatly reduces shoulder fatigue
  • 8 lb. weight to burn more calories in less time (12, 16 & 20 lb. weight also available)
  • Mesh pocket on the back to save room to add extra weight
  • Easy to maintain with spot cleaning
  • Perfect for strength training, weight loss, walking, running and more!

Wear A Vest to Sweat

Personally, I not only wear it for my morning/evening walk but also during the day while cleaning and cooking. It feels great to know that I’m burning more calories while wearing it but it feels even better when I take it off at the end of the day!

Mark my words: your cooking, cleaning, walking or jogging won’t ever be the same after using a weighted vest. I really love it and I know you’ll love it too!