Super Soft Microfiber Sheets

I was in search of more comfortable bed sheets to cuddle with and sleep better at night and I stumbled across these bed sheets by Malouf Fine Linens™. I’m glad I found them as they satisfied every criteria that I was looking for in a bed sheet.

Comfort & Health

Super Soft Microfiber Sheets

Primarily, I was looking for a really soft material as I dislike rough sheets (I find it hard to sleep in them). These brushed microfiber sheets fit the bill as they are very soft and comfortable to sleep in.

Second, I wanted something hypoallergenic to prevent allergens from collecting in the material which tend to cause allergic reactions over time. Not only are these sheets hypoallergenic but they are dust mite resistant as well.

Made to Last

Lastly, I was looking for something durable. I’ve now washed these sheets about 4-5 times in a time span of about 3 months and they’ve held up extremely well. They are in great shape and as soft as the fist day I slipped right into them.


  • Wrinkle free, stain resistant, hypoallergenic, and resistant to dust mites
  • Brushed microfiber fabric is softer than most cotton
  • Easy care – machine wash, tumble dry

The Verdict

All in all, these are the softest sheets that I have ever tried and don’t think I could sleep as soundly as I do without them. Of course, I couldn’t keep this heavenly treat to myself so I ended up ordering several more sets for our kids and guest bedrooms and to give away to friends and family. Needless to say, everyone was pleased.